Jonathan Lopez


Where are you from?

Born and raised in Miami FL,  which has exposed me to many different cultures and great tasting foods. My parent’s nationality is from El Salvador which I'm very proud to represent.

Roles you have and have had at Lockheed

  • Software Quality Engineer Ground Systems Software IFG Q&MS F-22
  • Scrum Master IFG Q&MS F-22 Program
  • DevSecOps F-22 Program

What school/degree(s) you have?

  • Florida International University - B.S Information Technology
  • Miami-Dade - A.A Computer Engineering


Involvement you have had with SHPE

·       SHPE Golf Tournament Budget Lead (Current)

·       LM Aero SHPE RDLC Region 5 Representative

·       Joint Midwest Regional Conference

·       SHPE Employee Engagement Expo

·       SHPE Noche de Ciencias (Trimbell/Northside)

·       Lockheed Martin STEM Tour

Goals you have planned, if elected as treasurer

  1. Keeping transparency. By keeping track of the funds and creating new and clearer spreadsheet that can be used across multiple years, this would serve as new database for all finance related activities. I plan to send out monthly email updates to Board members with current available funds and monthly gains and losses.

  2. Projection - I plan to develop possible fundraising ideas and space them out over the course of the year. Draw up an estimated cost for each event and the potential money that can be earned.

  3. I plan to state a financial goal for a set period. If goals are met, I plan to offer an incentive, such as a group outing or dinner.