Jorge Lee


My name is Jorge Lee and I am a local inside and out. I was born and raised in the Dallas area and still live there, for now. I attended Grand Prairie High School, then I got my Associates in Science at two DCCCD schools (Mountain View and Richland).

I finished my undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Arlington on December 2019, with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, having specialized in Robotics,, Unmanned Vehicle Systems and Microcontroller Programming. In the near future I plan on attending graduate school at Southern Methodist University in order to complete a Masters in Software Engineering degree. During college, I discovered that I was exceptionally good at programming, especially when compared to my fellow EE majors, to the point that I was actually teaching the Teaching Assistance about how to make certain chips function properly  and how not to code the programs due to a variety of reasons (mainly because everyone was copying the same bad code). My interest in robotics and UAVs/UVS is due primarily to 2 things: Robot Wars and Sci-Fi.

I am currently a Software Engineer Associate, having been hired on here at Lockheed Martin – Aeronautics on March 18, 2019. I work in IFG, on the F-16 MMC, part of the “Transformers” agile team in SIL building 20. My team works on several different customers in updating the software or adding features that they want. I enjoy my work, as well as the department and team, so I don’t foresee a dramatic change for at least another year. My job prior to this was at Mouser Electronics in Mansfield, TX, as a Data Product Specialist. Since the company was an electronics distributor (think resistors, capacitors, microchips, and other specialty circuit boards) my job was to read datasheets for the products that they sold and then categorize them based on that info. Sounds easy until you are spending a week trying find a datasheet, and then cannot decide if a connector should be classified as industrial or avionics. They hired me on as a part-time Co-Op while I finished my last semester at UTA, and kept me on until I was hired by Lockheed. Before that, I worked several typical service-type jobs, such as Jimmy Johns, Subway, Dominos, etc. Though long ago I was an apprentice to become a journeyman electrician but then the 2008 recession happened, so that ended my career and put me on the path I am at now. I stayed with electricity, since it was already familiar to me, plus there will always be a demand for people that are knowledgeable with anything electrical related.

During my time at UTA, I became involved with its SHPE chapter, having first join officially in spring 2016 as a member. I became an officer a year later, as Conference Chair in the fall of 2017. My duties for this position included organizing and coordinating hotels, method of travel, airport pickups, distributing brochures, info and making sure everyone got back. Do to unusual circumstances, I was then elected President of the chapter twice, once for Spring 2018 to finish out the SHPE calendar year and again for 2018-2019 SHPE calendar year. Unfortunately, though I had planned to stay another year in school, I was forced to graduate a semester early due to a loss in financial aid. However, I was still able to achieve many milestones and maintain a record that I am proud of.

During my time as President, I was able to accomplish the following for the chapter:

  1. Increased our budget by over 300% from the previous year.
  2. Successfully fund-raised once a month during my entire time in office, both increasing our budget and successfully spreading awareness of our organization (our tacos are rather famous)
  3. Doubled registered members from 20 to 40
  4. Gained the sponsorship of 3 companies (GM, VISA, Lockheed Martin), up from 1
  5. Doubled SHPE National Conference attendance from 7 to 13, two of whom were completely sponsored by our chapter
  6. Part of the UTA Hackathon Team that won second place and the $8000 dollar prize
  7. Doubled SHPE RLDC 5 attendance from 7 to 25
  8. Attended NILA for the first time for UTA, and sponsored the next President and VP to attend
  9. Worked with local SHPE professional chapters on community outreach events such as ACE science day, DISD Stem day, and help out local SHPE Jr chapter
  10. Reached out and worked with local organizations at UTA for Hispanic Heritage Month Events

I have also been involved with the SHPE Ft Worth chapter as well, with my first time helping with an event was the College Tour Days. I have been helping James with his Community Outreach Chair as Project Manger for the HOLA Science Night at Polytechnic High School, as well as be part of the planning committee for the Region 5 Sub-Regional Retreat at UTA. I am also currently starting a SHPE Jr chapter at Uplift Grand in Grand Prairie, and managed to register 10 students into the SHPE register, with 3 graduating and getting their stoles this year!

If I were to be elected Treasurer, my goals would be the following:

  1. Actively participate in all Board of Directors and General Body Meetings, answering questions and clarifying questions about the finances of the organization.
  2. Ensure all financial reports are filed correctly, on time and any discrepancies dealt with, to the State and Federal Governments, as well as the SHPE National Office and any other institution that requires a report
  3. Ensure all dues have been paid for, disbursements have been authorized correctly, and updated monthly reports
  4. Explore Financial Technologies and how SHPE Ft Worth may be able to implement updates, such as alternative methods of payment, cleaner and more efficient record keeping, and possible security implementations.