2016 Joint Midwest Regional Leadership Forum Recap

posted Sep 3, 2016, 11:52 AM by Roberto Olono
On Friday August 12th and Saturday August 13th members of the SHPE LM Aero chapter attended the JMRLF held at the Arlington Sheraton Convention Center.  The two day event was hosted by several Lockheed employee resource groups (ERGs), to include the Fort Worth HOLA chapter, and was attended by around 250 individuals from Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Corporate.

The event featured many presentations and panel discussion from Lockheed leadership, as well as a three food networking socials and three career topic workshops. In addition to having no less than 12 chapter members attend the event, the chapter ELT/BOD used the opportunity to set up an informational booth next to NSBE on the first day to pass out brochures and add folks to our email distribution. Thank you to all our chapter members that were able to attend. Please look out for future professional networking and conference opportunities.   


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