Dog Social Flyer

posted Oct 8, 2015, 1:38 PM by Roberto Olono

Do you translate “Ruff” or “Bow-wow” at an instant of your dogs bark? Do their eyes waiver on you of guilt because you were out all day and they were home guarding the front? If so, consider joining a new social group for the both of you. It’s great to be out helping promote STEM to the talent of tomorrow but it’s even better when you let your dog socialize with fellow SHPE members and their dogs. Think of the memories and smiles your dog(s) will have of their new friends and you. This concept is in the early stages but the idea is to get together (weather permitting) bi-monthly on  a Saturday/Sunday with other dog owners at a local dog park (TBD) and then have lunch at a dog friendly location.


If you would like to participate e-mail Juan P. Gonzalez.