Regional Leadership Development Conference (RLDC) 2014 - Austin TX

posted Mar 16, 2014, 6:00 PM by Matthew Beard   [ updated Feb 28, 2015, 5:37 PM ]

Listed below are the workshops planned for the professional track at RLDC 2014.  To register, visit the UT-SHPE website at Download the file below for the planned agenda.

Communicating Across Generations
The average American company has at least four different generations working together. From
Veterans to Millennials, this session will cover tips that will help you communicate more
effectively with people of different, sometime conflicting, core values and styles.

Become a Better Leader, by Becoming a Better Listener
Being a good listener is a key component to being a good leader. Becoming a better listener will
enhance all of your social relationships, professional and personal. This session will cover tips
on how to improve your listening skill sets to effectively accomplish your goals.

Crucial Conversations
Having a crucial conversation with your boss, coworker or friend can sometimes end in a
negatively. This workshop will cover aspects such as asking for a raise, or for an appraisal before
the last minute. It will also cover how to speak to your boss, coworkers and clients when there
is a disagreement or misunderstanding. Communication is key in negotiations.

Fundraising in the Non-Profit Word
It is very hard to raise money for a non-profit entity. This workshop will provide fundraising tips,
grant writings tips, and negotiations in order to raise money for your organization.

“Ignite your Passion” Discussion Panel
Panel discussion during lunch will consist of individuals who were passionate about something
that pushed them to start either their non-profit or their own company. We will learn about
their challenges, experiences and any other suggestions that the speakers can provide.
Discussion will be held during lunch.

Fixing the SHPE Pipeline
Open discussion session to discuss the gaps between all levels of SHPE including how to
improve membership retention and recruiting. We plan to have representation from all levels
of participation in case study format.

Life in the Non-Profit World
Experts will discuss their experiences of how they started a successful non-profit, what
motivated them to continue and what is needed to sustain their dream.

Starting Your Own Company
Many individuals have the ideas, but how do you transition your dream into a reality. These
experts will discuss their journey into their reality, and provide a list of best practices and
suggestions to the public.

Matthew Beard,
Feb 28, 2015, 5:37 PM