SHPE Jr. Member of the Month: Trinity HS

posted Nov 11, 2015, 1:08 PM by Roberto Olono   [ updated Nov 11, 2015, 2:34 PM ]

Hola, meet Esther! Esther is a South Korean-American Senior at Trinity HS. She is the current SHPE Jr. Chapter president. Esther is an excellent student actively involved in campus activities, community-oriented, and enjoys promoting STEM awareness among her fellow peers. She has a 3.5 GPA and a standout in mathematics and science including currently a scholar in Mu Alpha Theta (National Math Honor Society). She is highly active in her community as a Big Brother, Big Sister mentor and Korean teacher at her church in Fort Worth. She is fluent in Korean, Spanish, and Chinese. Esther knew she wanted to major in science and engineering one day, but didn’t quite understand her options until she heard about SHPE from her teachers and staff where she could get more understanding about college awareness, science and engineering. It was after the SHPE LM Aero IDEAS ACE event at Trinity and the LM Junior SHPE Industry Day last spring that she decided STEM was the right choice for her. After joining SHPE she very quickly saw the impact of the organization and the value to other young students all around campus.

As SHPE Jr. President, the club has grown from 3 to 40 members over last year. She has established the club officially with Trinity HS administration, improved the quality of the STEM design activities and professional speaker topics at school club monthly general meetings, increased chapter communications, and successfully led on-campus fundraising activities to attend a TAMU Junior College Day campus tour in collaboration with the SHPE LM Aero, TAMU college chapter, Trimble Tech HS, and Northside HS Jr. chapters next Spring. Other Trinity chapter strategic goals planned for this year include hosting an ACE IDEAS event at Trinity, attending the SHPE RLDC5 Pre-College Track, and an attending an LM Aero Junior Industry Day this spring. None of this could be possible without her dedication and passion for being such an inspirational leader to encourage young high school students to get involved. Her commitment to academic excellence, promoting STEM awareness, leadership excellence, and active involvement in her community should be an inspiration to any young student. She has already learned so much about leadership characteristics as SHPE Jr. President with many more successes to come in the future. She serves as a great role model to Trinity High School and the Euless/ Bedford community.  Esther will graduate this May and plans to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering or Veterinarian Studies at either Texas A&M University - College Station or the University of Texas at Dallas in the fall 2016 semester.