2016-2017 SHPE LM Aero Community Outreach

posted Aug 2, 2016, 11:46 AM by Roberto Olono
Hola SHPE Familia! Welcome back to another SHPE year. We have lots of good initiatives and programs planned with how you can get involved in the community to promote STEM Awareness and encourage young Hispanics and Minorities students to go on to college.

Please join me in welcoming the new 2016-2017 SHPE Community Outreach Directors:

Jasmin Roldan – Professional Development Training

Beatriz Lopez – Elementary/Middle School Director

Jose Ortega – SHPE College Relations

Joksan Holguin – Lego Lab Program

Lorena Loucel – Civic Activities

Kathleen Zurlinden – Trimble Tech HS SHPE Jr. Director

Samantha Dominguez – Northside HS SHPE Jr. Director

James Narey – Trinity HS SHPE Jr. Director


If you’re interested in volunteering for any Community Outreach events or have any ideas for future events, please contact James Narey.